Getting Our Hands Dirty this June

We've done a lot of outside work at Camp Magruder this week. Early June has been sunny and warm, making the work much more enjoyable. The eagles are out with their eaglets, teaching how to be the alpha bird on the Oregon Coast. And, under them on the ground, Spring cleaning is in full swing. 

Gwenyn's stellar work around Pines Cabin
Volunteer Gwenyn Sasaki joined us along with her toddler Oliver and mother-in-law, Jenny, to spend some time at the camp where she grew up, helping out with fire mitigation around some of our cabins. They cleared out brush and ground cover next to the Pines and Collins cabins, creating a defensible space that might save them should fire sweep through the camp. It also makes the cabin space look much more manicured and welcoming. Oliver was often strapped to her back in a backpack or toddling around helping move tiny bits of brush. I love the idea that he is helping his mom in work like this in his very early years. 

The entire Magruder staff spent Wednesday on Highway 101 picking up litter on our stretch of adopted highway. We filled 31 bags of trash and piled up tires, siding, and even a rogue garbage can. We laughed as we tallied how many different types of whiskey bottles we could find, making up imaginative stories about how different pieces of trash made it to the ditches along 101. Several cars honked out encouragement as they passed, and we chatted with cyclists as they passed on their scenic routes We had seafood and chips at the Old Oregon Smokehouse in Rockaway Beach, catching up with each other after a long pandemic break. 

At the end of the day, there were lots of comments on how stiff, sore, and sunburnt we were, but there were also affirmations on how much fun the day had been. We felt pride in what we accomplished and had some great staff bonding working under the eagles and the early June sunshine. I suspect we'll have lots more satisfying days like these in the coming months. 

If you are interested in doing some valuable, rewarding work, there are so many opportunities. Contact the Camp Magruder office to line up a time you can be surrounded by Oregon Coast beauty while working with your hands. If a trip to the coast isn't in the cards, I encourage you to find a place close by that could use your help. It's good for the body, mind, and spirit. 


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