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The Pandemic is Changing Camp Magruder

I indulge in these thoughts that maybe you also do sometimes, where I think back to my pre-pandemic self in January 2020 and wonder what I'd think if I was dropped into the present day. I imagine being a little dumbfounded about how quickly and decisively things would change in just a few weeks. I wonder if I would look at the year to come and be overwhelmed or excited. Like most things, a lot of it would depend on how future me tells the story.  It's no secret 2020 and likely all of 2021 too have and will be challenging for Camp Magruder. We are moving closer to picking back up with the work we were doing in the middle of March last year that was promptly cut short. We have been changed by this time, as everyone has. I wonder how strange and overwhelming it will be when we gather together in larger groups. I imagine a heightened cautiousness will persist with us for many years to come. But, we also have seen new parts of ourselves emerge during this time of isolation when man

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