Improve and Enjoy: Projects for Families & Small Groups this Fall

In early Fall 2021 as I walk the grounds of Camp Magruder, I see so much of our camp well-manicured and maintained. It gives me pride to recall what some spots looked like at the beginning of the year, and seeing what they look like now. A big portion of the credit goes to several groups of volunteers who stayed with us in the Spring and Summer, spending some inspirational time on the Oregon Coast while caring for Camp Magruder. 

We've had groups oil several dried up wooden decks, paint the railings of the play ground, clear brush on trails and scenic views, and prepping our buildings against forest fires. Much of these visits and projects came at a time we weren't yet ready to host full groups. Now, as we look at a very lean schedule for Fall 2021, we are excited to again host intimate visits with families or small pods of friends who want to offer their energy, skills, and resources to improve our beloved site. 

Click here to see our slate of projects posted on our website

If you these projects interest your group or family or you have a different project in mind, reach out to Leslie in the camp office at 503-355-2310 or We'll schedule a time and a lodge that fits your needs and begin plans to improve and enjoy this beautiful site. We look forward to working with you. 


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