Get Away, Do Some Good Work, Bring Some People

Are you, your family, or your friends feeling cabin fever from winter and Covid isolation? Wanting to do something with your hands you can be proud of? Needing to do something bigger than yourself, to feel like you're really contributing to the betterment of something important? Been thinking about some time on the beach? 

We got you covered on all those and probably a few more.

This Spring Camp Magruder is repeating its very popular family/friend pod volunteer project retreats. You and your group can look through our curated list of projects we want help with as we gear up for the summer. Once you've chosen a project, call our office (503-355-2310) or email to get a date on the calendar. 

Lodging will be free in exchange for your generous work, and you can bring your own food or purchase meals made by our incredible kitchen staff. In addition to these energizing projects, you'll have plenty of time to explore camp and experience the healing qualities of saltwater and sand. 

We look forward to spending time with you and getting our hands dirty taking care of this wonderful little place on the coast. 

Magruder Spring Projects

-Oil Decks & Benches
-Deconstruct Old Dock Structures
-Trail Campfire Ring Maintenance
-Chappell Hall Boiler Removal
-Top Shrubs for Improved Window Views
-Picnic Table Varnishing
-Paint Fences
-Outdoor Chapel Clearing
-Flower Box Beautification
-Paint Bunch Lodge Exterior
-Paint Edwards Lodge Interior
-Folding New Camp Store Merchandise

Click here to see project descriptions.


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