Do It Yourself Fundraising for Camp Magruder

If you're on facebook or other major social media app, you have no doubt seen people raising money on their birthdays and other special occasions for non-profit causes. You may have wondered if you could do something like for Camp Magruder. Well, we're glad you asked. 

We have put together a guide to simplify the process of doing your own fundraising campaign for Camp Magruder. You can decide how much you want to raise, how long you try to raise the money, and who will see it. Anything you raise will get us closer to our overall fundraising goal, and it can be as simple as sharing several posts on social media. 

The project we've highlighted for Spring 2022 is our efforts to raise the pay scale for our Resident Counselors. These donations will better equip us to improve our pay rate to these counselors who do such incredible work throughout the summer. 

To create your sharable campaign, you'll start a profile on with our fundraising platform Fundrazr. You'll get connected with our Growing Our Summer Counselor Wages campaign. Here's more info:

Setting up Your Fundraising Page

1. Click "Start Fundraising" and create your account and fundraising page.

2. Choose to join an existing team or create your own page for your activity (You and your friends could make a team and have some friendly competition).

3. Log in to your account or create one.

4. Add photos, videos, and your personalized story to your page. Delete the default text and add your own to make it yours!

6. Share your link with family and friends on your active social media accounts and start fundraising!

7. Check back in and share multiple times, updating followers on your progress, thanking those who already donated.

8. Celebrate your success when you finish!

Ideas for Your Story

Tell a camp memory that changed your life?

What is your fundraising goal?

Why are you focusing on this cause?

Why are Oregon-Idaho camp counselors important to you?

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Troy Taylor at


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