Monday, July 15, 2013

Dad and Me

Dad and Me camp was a big success this past weekend at Camp Magruder. We had several sets of dads and kids in grades K-2. We even had a 3 generation family. These campers sure had a lot of fun hiking to the tide pools, caring for Caleb the donkey, swimming, boating, making candles, playing on the beach, swinging on the big swing, and singing around the campfire. We even had a couple of the campers decide that they wanted to be the dance leaders for songs. Take a look at some of the campfire fun we had this weekend.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Busy Start to the Summer

To all our loyal fans, we must sincerely apologize for the long gap in posts. Life for us at Camp Magruder has just been flying by this summer. It seems as if there is always something fun happening around here that gets in the way of posting. With that being said, sit back and enjoy the highlights of the summer camping season thus far.

June 15 was the start to summer staff training. We started out training with a tour of camp and get to know you games. Sunday we had long time camp volunteer, Paige, join us to conduct waterfront training and we got the water trampoline/blob put back together. We spent the week training on challenge course facilitation, tide pool trips, waterfront procedures, donkey care, group game leading, becoming archery instructors, and preparing camp for a busy summer. During training week we were host to Upward Bound and the Porotesano family reunion. This gave us time to practice our skills while we lead activities. The Porotesano family even had a luau at the end of the week where they shared their Pacific Island culture with us and taught us some dances.

Grand Camp 1 was quick to follow training week. Several grandparents and grandkids came to camp to explore, go wave jumping, swimming, boating, sing around the campfire, make arts and crafts, and participate in the annual sand castle competition. This year it was very rainy and windy during the sand castle competition, but that didn't seem to deter participation. Some of our campers even spent time catching sand critters and creating new homes for them.

The next week was just as busy as the previous ones. We had campers from 1-12 grade here in 4 separate camp events. 1-2 grade camp ran Sunday-Wednesday morning. We had several campers who participated in swimming, boating, beach play, campfires, arts and crafts, and s'more making.

Beach Adventure is our 3-5 grade camp for that week. This program doubled in size from what it was last year. Campers went to the tide pools, swimming, boating, played on the sports court and playground, built sand castles on the beach, went on the big swing, sang at campfire, and participated in worship services.

Celebrating the Arts is our 6-8 grade camp for the week. This camp grew in size this year as well. Campers work together to create a show for parents using their new skills in music, art, and drama. These campers also participate in all the camp fun as well as several dress up nights for dinner.


MADD Camp is our 9-12 grade event. Campers participate in music, art, dance, drama, and tech. to put together a production for family/community at the end of the week. Campers participate in all the fun camp activities as well. This camp also has several crazy dress up nights in addition to team building on the challenge course and small group discussion.

Immediately following that was a week of Creation Vacation Events here at Camp Magruder. Creation Vacation is a program for low income families through the help of grant writing and fundraising. This is a 2 night/3 day event that is free to the families who apply and get accepted. Its a wonderful opportunity for families to get to play, not have to worry over food or money, and be in a safe environment. We had one Creation Vacation from Western Washington County and one from Salem. Each of them have unique activities like Bingo, tie-dye, salsa making competition, etc.

4th of July Family Camp followed that. This year several families joined us for beautiful weather on the Oregon coast as well as fireworks on the beach. We had a lot of familiar faces as well as new families. Campers made arts and crafts including tile painting. The teens participated in 2 nights of capture the flag. There were opportunities for wave jumping, swimming, boating, archery, candle making, and just playing as a family. This camp also included a variety show.

Following that we hosted a group called Camp Odakoda. This was a new event to us for youth with high functioning Autism. Campers and their families enjoyed a wonderful BBQ dinner on Sunday evening together before the parents left. The week was full of swimming, boating, archery, giant swing, a train ride, luau, talent show, playing on the beach, arts and crafts, wave jumping, and much more. It was a great learning opportunity for all the staff at Camp Magruder and we hope that this program returns as they were a delight to work with.