Wednesday, November 27, 2013


As the year comes to a close we frantically work to complete year-end reports, but we pause this week to give thanks to the roughly 8,900 people who have called Camp Magruder "home" in 2013. We've had the opportunity to serve several types of groups this year including: pastoral retreats, service project groups, girl/boy scout troops, high school/college choirs, church councils, church family camps, confirmation/baptismal retreats, women's/men's church retreats, high school/college student leadership groups, peer mentors, college Residence Life programs, international student life retreats, alternative high school retreats, class trips, outdoor school programs, Kiwanis officer training, labyrinth retreats, family reunions, Our House day trips, Oregon Mycological Society forays, Columbia Basin Basketry Guild workshops, needlework/quilters events, Camp Odakoda, United Church of God Youth Camp, Washington State School for the Blind, AA events, program camps sponsored by Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference, and we even had time to host a wedding. We welcome these groups to the Camp Magruder family and say that it has been our joy and honor to work with each group getting to know these programs through serving and being in community with them this year.

We would also like to thank those who have volunteered their time serving as camp staff (deans, counselors, theologians, resource people, tech. support/consultation, etc.) or as part of a service project team. We wouldn't have been nearly as successful this year without your help.

Lastly, we thank all of those who have contributed financial support to Camp Magruder over the past year. We've been able to accomplish great things because of your generous gifts that help ensure that Camp Magruder is ready to take on the next generation of campers.

If you'd like more information on volunteering or contributing financially to Camp Magruder please contact Amy Wood, Program Services Director, at or 503-355-2310.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Housekeeping Office

Our housekeeping staff at Camp Magruder have been busy with various projects this week. They have been deep cleaning and shutting down buildings (we currently don't have much camp activity) as well as packing up their old office and moving into their new space. They are excited to have three sets of washers and dryers as well as a long counter to fold laundry and sleeping bags on. As you'll see in the photos below they are moving from something that was dark and cold to a much brighter and warmer space.

Friday, November 22, 2013

God Sent Me A Donkey

Being around a donkey and caring for them requires patience, dedication, love, and often the ability to plain out-stubborn them. I spent a long time yesterday afternoon talking to Caleb about the merits of being able to let go of whatever miscommunication or feelings (believe me he's got some strong feelings) he was having towards myself or the world and just let me in to love on him. What prompted this whole thing was about 30 minutes spent literally trying to convince Caleb that letting me brush and pet him was a much better way of life than swishing his tail, attempting to bite, and stomping at me. I found myself saying doesn't it just feel good to have someone who loves you no matter how stubborn, cranky, or rude you can be towards them? 

I began to wonder, if in some ways, I am just as guilty of this type of behavior. Have I been pulling a "Caleb" to those who try to show love and care for me? I started to think about how I can communicate and be more receptive to the love and grace people are trying to offer me. I also reminded myself that some people in life will be like Caleb and act out, but it's my job to offer them grace and love unconditionally. The real light bulb moment came when I admitted that I am occasionally guilty of this "Caleb" type behavior with God. Hmm, did God just provide me a sassy stubborn donkey to remind me that God's always there showing me unconditional grace and love? What a sense of humor God's got sometimes.

As Thanksgiving and the holiday season approaches I urge you to consider your life. Have you been pulling a "Caleb?" How will you accept love, and just as important, how will you share your unconditional love and thankfulness for others?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Turning Technology Off and Personality On

Take a look at the importance of camp in kids's lives and hear why they need it now more than ever in the following link to a Ted Talk by Steve Baskin.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Working to Finish Projects

Work continues to progress on turning the old shed near Atwood bathhouse into the new housekeeping office. Window and door trim has been sealed and installed as well as a closet door. Flooring and plumbing for the washers and dryers are next to be completed.

The outdoor bbq area outside the dining hall has been under construction as well this summer and fall. It has been completely enclosed to help prevent rusting of the grill. We are excited to put it to good use in the coming year.

The fence surrounding the new gathering space has also been taken down this week. Finally the grass is strong and old enough to not need that extra protection.

We leave you with a few other photos taken around Camp Magruder this week.