Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sheltering Our Souls Retreat

This weekend we held the third annual Sheltering Our Souls Women's Retreat at Camp Magruder. The theme this weekend was "Sowing the Seeds of Happiness." We spent time learning what makes people happy and how we can cultivate that in ourselves. There was plenty of growth, laughter and love shared amongst these women this weekend.

Check out to see a complete listing of program camps for 2012. Don't miss out on the opportunity to treat your soul to an event this year.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

27th Annual Choir Camp

This past weekend we had our first program camp of the year at Magruder. It was the 27th annual Choir Camp. We had over 70 choir enthusiasts at camp who learned 10 anthems. They performed at the annual Sunday night concert that drew nearly 80 community members. This was certainly one of the biggest and most successful Choir Camps that we have hosted in some time.

This event offers an opportunity to learn new music that you get to take home to your church choir. People who are used to singing in small choirs at home also get the opportunity to sing with a much larger choir.

Amongst all the choir practices, there is time for workshops of all sorts, beach walking, enjoying the fellowship of people all over the conference, and a talent show.

Here's what people had to say about Choir Camp this year:

"My first Choir Camp- definitely not my Last! The entire experience was amazing- music, people, workshops and the over-arching strength of faith and love of God that permeates everything and everyone." -Janice Stevens

"Choir Camp is a gathering of folks who come together intending to be open hearted and open minded- to give and receive joy!" -Tillie Makepeace

"Choir Camp should be at the top of every choir director's agenda. It's a wonderful venue to be exposed to new music, build the choral library inexpensively, re-charge choir member interest through the high quality of musicianship singing with a large group and perhaps most importantly, connect with God and fellow Christians through music." - Gregg Mitchell

We can't wait until next year for more adventures with Choir Camp. If you have ever attended Choir Camp at Camp Magruder, feel free to send me your photos. I'll attach them to the blog and facebook for all to enjoy.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Photo Contest

It's Camp Magruder's first ever picture contest via the blog and facebook. I encourage you to look through your pictures and upload your best picture of the cross down on the beach. We'll vote the best photo in a few days and the winner gets bragging rights. Pass this message along to your friends and we'll see how many different variations we can get of this iconic Magruder landmark.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tunning and Repair Time

Each President's Day weekend for as long as I can remember, Camp Magruder has been host to Choir Camp. Campers this year are coming from all over the conference to spend the weekend learning and rehersing nine anthems that support this year's theme of "Surround Him With Praise." These combined efforts will culminate in a free concert open to the public Sunday, February 19th, at 7pm in Sherlock Lodge. Many hours go into the preparation of this event from staff and participants, but did you know...

Each year since 2008, Bob Ledden and Mike Rice have spent three days repairing and tuning all of the pianos at Camp Magruder prior to Choir Camp. Both, having previously been campers at Choir Camp, know how important it is to have pianos in good working order for this event. Countless people who have played pianos at Magruder in the past few years owe these two gentleman a thank you for their hard work.

Just how many pianos does Camp Magruder have? The answer is 10. We also have an electric piano and an organ to make sweet music at camp.

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Beautiful Day

When I went out the front door this morning I thought that summer had arrived early and I began panicking about all the things we still had to do to prepare for it. I quickly realized that it was just the start of February and continued to enjoy the beautiful 60 degree weather on my way to work. Enjoy the photos from Camp Magruder today of the wetlands, ball field, and fishing dock.

Our maintenance crew continues to be hard at work in Bunch Lodge. They are pleased to have one bedroom officially completed. Take a look at the new floor, paint, and woodwork around the room.