Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Busy June

We kicked off our summer season with an incredible few weeks of fun at Camp Magruder. We've completed our summer program staff training and built a solid team. They are a small but mighty crew this year who are eager to serve our guests.

We worked with the annual Upward Bound trip from Portland State University. They brought a large group of high school students to learn leadership skills, participate in a color war, go swimming, boating, and try their hand at archery.

We held Grand Camp 1, the Pittsburgh School for the Choral Arts, and 1-2 Grade Camp at the start of this week. We are currently working with Beach Adventures, Celebrating the Arts, and Music Art Dance and Drama Camps. Campers have been doing archery, boating, tie-dye, swimming, wave jumping, singing, crafts, learning about malaria and how they can help join the fight against that in Africa, and learning about the "All Things New" curriculum. Tonight we are looking forward to the all camp talent show. Stay tuned for the highlights.

1-2 Grade Campfire

Grand Camp 1 Sand Castle Competition

Staff Eagerly Awaiting Camper Arrivals

Campers Reuniting with Friends

Stocking the Camp Store

1-2 Grade Campers Moving In
Campers Awaiting the Arrival of Cabinmates

Making Nametags

Meeting Counselors 
Beach Adventures Creating Art Pieces
Tide Pooling

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Meet the 2014 Summer Crew

It's hard to believe that this evening the Summer Staff will be arriving to begin their training week. Where has the spring gone? The Summer Staff of 2014 are an exceptional bunch of young leaders who have passed the interview process and are excited to serve the Camp Magruder family this summer.

Erin "Skew"-
Erin hails from Portland. She graduated from Linfield College as a Math major and Studio Art minor. Erin is finishing up her 10th year as a math teacher at Meadow Park Middle School. When Erin grows up she'd like to be a teacher of math teachers, triathlete, or puppeteer. Erin's camping career began as a tiny tot attending church family camps. Erin has been a camper at Camp Magruder, Suttle Lake, Loon Lake, Sawtooth, Sierra Service Project, and Birchwood. Erin has spent several summers on Summer Staff at Suttle Lake, Sierra Service Project, Camp Magruder, and the Center for Talented Youth Summer Programs. She later went on to volunteer as a counselor for two summers at Camp Magruder with S.T.A.R.R. and M.A.D.D. Camp. This summer Erin returns for her 5th summer as the Summer Program Director. Her favorite camp activities include anything involving water, fire, and playing so hard that grass falls out of your pants when you go to the bathroom. Erin's hobbies include feminist handi-crafting, flying kites, Rubik's cubing, playing guitar, watching cooking shows, and juggling. If Erin were to be on David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks she would share her talent of being able to do "the worm." Something that you might not know about Erin is that she has attended middle school for 13 years and she plays the nose flute.

Sarah "El Pan"-
Sarah hails from Aloha. She graduated from Portland State University with her masters degree in Education. She has most recently worked as an after school teacher and Field Instructor herding 6th grade students through various earth science studies with the Northwest Regional Education Service District here at Camp Magruder. When Sarah grows up she'd like to be a teacher or rock star in no particular order. Sarah has been attending camping programs since she was in the 3rd grade at Camp Magruder. She completed the C.I.T. (Counselor In Training) program and has gone on to have a successful decade as a much loved counselor with Music Machine, Mid-Summer Challenge, and Last Chance Camps at Camp Magruder. This will be Sarah's second summer serving on Summer Staff at Camp Magruder. Sarah's favorite things about camp are being outside and campfires. Sarah's hobbies include playing guitar, board games, composting, playing "Just Dance" on the Wii, reading teen lit., and baking her famous chocolate chip cookies. If Sarah were to be on David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks she would rhyme words with "orange." Something that you might not know about Sarah is that she can identify over three types of trees that grow on the Oregon Coast (which incidentally is a 50% increase from last year).

Jonah "Mufasa"-
Jonah hails from Oakridge. He graduated high school this past year while enrolled and taking multiple courses at Lane Community College. Jonah is working to obtain a major in Biochemistry. When Jonah grows up he'd like to be a science teacher, hair-sample matcher, or technology designer. Jonah grew up in camping. His mother served as a dean at Suttle Lake when he was a just youngster where he caught the "camp bug." He's been a camper at Suttle Lake, Camp Latgawa, and Camp Magruder. He's gone through the Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) process and served multiple weeks last summer as a trusty counselor. This will be Jonah's first summer serving on Summer Staff. Jonah's favorite thing about camp is the friends he meets and the glitter and glue gun crafting that he gets to do. Jonah's hobbies include mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, going cross-eyed, playing Quidditch, and collecting old appliances. If Jonah were to be on David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks he would wrap his arm around his head and then proceed to touch his opposite ear. Something that you might now know about Jonah is that he really enjoys a restful game of extreme cribbage.

Heather "Friesian"-
Heather hails from Grants Pass. She is currently a student at Oregon State University where she is intending to major in Animal Science with a pre-vet option. When Heather grows up she'd like to be a therapeutic horse ranch owner, dog sled racer, artist, or scuba diving instructor. Heather went to Camp Latgawa in her youth for three years and most recently served as a counselor for Beach Adventure at Camp Magruder. This will be Heather's first summer serving on Summer Staff. Heather's favorite thing about camp is being away from the city, constellation gazing in the night sky, and constantly smelling like the lake, and campfire. Heather's hobbies include handi-crafting, reading The Mortal Instruments series, llama sheering, and joining motorcycle gangs. If Heather were to be on David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks she would spin a riffle while whistling "The Star Spangled Banner." Something that you might not know about Heather is that she will be on national television next fall with the OSU Marching Band and Color Guard (so get her autograph this summer while you still can).

Emery "Mr. Moose"-
Emery hails from Victoria BC. Emery is is student at Portland State University planning on majoring in Applied Linguistics. When Emery grows up he'd like to develop educational products to serve home school populations and the deaf community, create masterpieces out of pipe cleaners, sing in the opera, or become Peter Pan. Emery began his camping career at at Ness Lake Bible Camp in Canada where his grandmother served on the health care staff. Emery was a day camper, weekend retreater, and family camper as well. Most recently Emery has served as a co-dean for our Mid-Summer Challenge Camp and will be doing double duty again this summer serving on summer staff for the first time and co-deaning Mid-Summer Challenge again. Emery's favorite thing about camp is being in nature and riding the big swing so many times he gets sick. Emery's hobbies include rock climbing, reading encyclopedias, discovering new ways to laugh, and competitive thumb wrestling. If Emery were to be on David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks he would oscillate his eyeballs. Something you might now know about Emery is he's attended 17 schools growing up.