Friday, July 18, 2014

Lives Saved

We've been raising awareness with our campers this summer that Malaria is still a problem in parts of the world with our Imagine No Malaria Parties. Our campers have been amazing and voted to give up lunch time cookies for 2 days in order to donate that money to the Imagine No Malaria project. This first week of the summer our campers were able to raise $200.75 (saving 20 lives). This week our campers managed to raise $120 (saving 12 lives). What an incredible group of people they are. Stay tuned to see how much more we can raise this summer.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Peace Flag Project

This summer we dedicated a peace pole in the Camp Magruder garden with the inscription "May Peace Prevail On Earth" written in English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, and Braille. During the dedication ceremony we wrote down our prayer and hopes for peace in our world and created a time capsule that was planted in our pole. We heard a peace anthem performed by the Pittsburgh School for the Choral Arts and prayed for peace in our lives and in the world.

Each week of camp, we've asked campers to think about what peace means or what it might look like in the world. We've prayed for peace and dreamed of how we can work together to create it. Our campers constantly blow us away with their thoughts, passion, and creativity in their prayer flags which now fly proudly in our garden so that the wind can disperse their message and hope for peace in our world.

If you find yourself at Camp Magruder in the future, stop by the garden to read our messages for peace and take a minute to reflect upon how you can help spread the message.