Tuesday, October 7, 2014

From All Around The World

Exchange students from around the globe spent the weekend with their host families at Camp Magruder as participants of the AFS-USA Arrival Orientation program.  On Sunday morning, campers from five continents stood on the dock and jumped into Smith Lake for a polar bear plunge. A girl from Brittany in the north of France said that the water was the same temperature as back home!

 The Fall Photography Retreat group took advantage of the wonderful weather over the weekend to take early morning photos of Smith Lake, nighttime photos on the beach and at the Garibaldi docks, and "golden hour" photos of Twin Rocks during the evening sunset.  All gathered Saturday evening for a photography show and tell in the Kimberly Center.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We are pleased to welcome the students and staff from Emmaus Christian Middle School as well as students and staff participating in Week 2B of the NWRESD Outdoor Science School today.

This weekend, Camp Magruder will be hosting more than 150 guests who are foreign exchange students and members of host families for the AFS USA Arrival Orientation retreat, in addition to the Salem Photo Fall Photography Retreat, and the Leadership Team from Reed College this weekend.