Saturday, September 28, 2013

Vet Visits

This past Monday Caleb starting limping. By Tuesday morning he was hardly putting any weight on his front left hoof. We called the vet to come check him out. It seems as if he had developed an abscess in the bottom of his hoof. Caleb received an antibiotic shot (lasting 4-5 days) and some extra doses of pain medication. We learned that soaking his hoof in Epsom salt and warm water would help draw the infection out sooner and promote healing. So, we got a bucket of warm water and threw the Epsom salt in. We successfully got his hoof in the water which lasted about 30 seconds before Caleb decided he didn't like it. We spent the next few minutes following him around trying to get his hoof back in the water. Caleb was having none of that and backed away any time we approached. Wednesday we were able to get his hoof back in the Epsom salt for about 3 minutes before Caleb decided he'd had enough. So, today he received another round of antibiotics from the vet. The vet was impressed with how much he's improved from Tuesday to Saturday and thinks he should be back to his usual antics soon.

In other Caleb news, he's decided that Honey Nut Cheerios and Kix cereals are the best things on the earth. Perhaps with the help of those treats, we can teach an old donkey some new tricks.