Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Staff 2013

The summer is nearly upon us, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to introduce you to the Summer Staff of 2013. These folks made it through the rigorous application and interview process this spring and are excited to get to serve our guests this summer. 

Erin "Skew"-
Erin hails from Portland. She graduated from Linfield College as a Math major and Studio Art minor. She completed her masters degree at Willamette University in Math Education. Erin is finishing up her 9th year as a math teacher at Meadow Park Middle School. When Erin grows up she'd like to be a teacher of math teachers. Erin's camping career began as a tiny tot attending church family camps. Erin has been a camper at Camp Magruder, Suttle Lake, Loon Lake, Sawtooth, Sierra Service Project, and Birchwood. Erin has spent several summers on Summer Staff at Suttle Lake, Sierra Service Project, Camp Magruder, and the Center for Talented Youth Summer Programs. She later went on to volunteer as a counselor for two summers at Camp Magruder with S.T.A.R.R. and M.A.D.D. Camp. This summer Erin returns for her 4th summer as the Summer Program Director where her responsibilities include wrangling the summer staff and testing the quality of s'mores each week. Her favorite camp activities include anything involving water, fire, and playing so hard that grass falls out of your pants when you go to the bathroom. Erin's hobbies include feminist handi-crafting, flying kites, Rubik's cubing, painting, playing guitar, pottery, watching cooking shows, cooking, biking, and juggling. If Erin were to be on David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks she would share her talent of being able to do "the worm." Something that you might not know about Erin is that she has attended middle school for 12 years, she plays the nose flute, and if she were to ever be a roller derby girl her name would be "Pythagorean Serum."

Sarah "El Pan"-
Sarah hails from Aloha. She graduated from Portland State University with her masters degree in Education this year. She has most recently worked as the Earth Field Instructor herding 6th grade students through various earth science studies with the Northwest Regional Education Service District here at Camp Magruder. When Sarah grows up she'd like to be a teacher or rock star in no particular order. Sarah has been attending camping programs since she was in the 3rd grade at Camp Magruder. She completed the C.I.T. (Counselor In Training) program and has gone on to have a successful decade as a much loved counselor with Music Machine, Mid-Summer Challenge, and Last Chance Camps at Camp Magruder. She's also gone by several camp names, so you might know her as Sarah, Mudpuppie, The Toast, and El Pan en Fuego. This will be Sarah's first summer serving on Summer Staff at Camp Magruder. Sarah's favorite things about camp are being outside and campfires particularly when held on the beach. Sarah's hobbies include playing guitar, board games, composting, playing "Just Dance" on the Wii, directing traffic while wearing her favorite color "construction worker orange" clothes, and making chocolate chip cookies. If Sarah were to be on David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks she would speak Spanish with a Scottish accent while walking on stilts. Something that you might not know about Sarah is that she can identify over two types of trees that grow on the Oregon Coast. 

Matt "Caveman"-
Matt hails from Cave Junction. He studied Ecology and being awesome at the University of Oregon and graduated this past year. Matt has most recently worked as a Teacher Assistant in college, a Jr. Ranger at the Oregon Caves, and as a city expert at a Visitor Center. When Matt grows up he'd like to find the solution to end pollution and world hunger. Matt's camping career began in high school by attending M.A.D.D. Camp for 4 years. He decided to give back to the Camp Magruder community and began counseling for Mid-Summer Challenge Camp and Coast Adventure middle school camps. This will be Matt's first summer serving on Summer Staff at Camp Magruder. Matt's favorite camp activities are outdoor adventures including flower pressing, ultimate frisbee kayaking, nature hikes, and turning blades of grass into whistles. Some of Matt's hobbies include bean collecting, playing Go, geeking out on science information, and working on his skills as a master gardener. If Matt were to be on David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks he would make the most incredibly life-like animal noises you've ever heard. Something you might not know about Matt is that he used to row with the University of Oregon Crew team. 

Kendra "Cricket"-
Kendra hails from Veneta. She's spent the last 4 years studying at Willamette University where she studied Anthropology and Spanish. Most recently Kendra has been working as a barista on campus. When Kendra grows up she'd like to work as a travel journalist or in public relations with a US Embassy abroad so that people can pay her to travel. She's also considering a career in children's therapy as a backpacking guide who specializes in outdoor survival skills. Kendra's camping career began in high school at M.A.D.D. Camp where she attended for 3 years. She went on to be a camper at Senior High Adventure Camp at Suttle Lake. Kendra has also volunteered as a counselor with the Fern Ridge School District's Outdoor School. This will be Kendra's first summer serving on Summer Staff at Camp Magruder. Kendra's favorite things about camp are campfires, sleeping under the stars, meeting new friends, singing, and spending time outside. Some of Kendra's hobbies include, playing the ukulele and guitar, running, playing sports, hiking, long walks on the beach with that special someone, making jewelry, reading, traveling to exotic places, photography, cooking, and learning through other's life stories. If Kendra were to be on David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks she'd shoot the best snot rockets you've ever seen. Something you might not know about  Kendra is that she is ambidextrous and that she's incredibly spontaneous.

Kate "Piglet"-
Kate originally hails from Tillamook, but now calls East Wenatchee Washington home. Kate graduated from Washington State University with her studies in Elementary Education. Kate has most recently worked with H+R Block preparing taxes and as a 4H leader. When Kate grows up she'd like to somehow work in customer service and prepare taxes as a side job. Kate's camping career began by attending camp in the 4 and 5 grade at Camp Magruder. She went on to Suttle Lake to go to Middle School Challenge Camp. Kate completed the C.I.T. (Counselor In Training) program and started counseling camps like Music Machine for Camp Magruder and Outdoor School for the Tillamook School District. Last summer she returned to Camp Magruder to counsel for Celebrating the Arts Camp. This will be Kate's first summer serving on Summer Staff at Camp Magruder. Kate's favorite things about camp are the campfires and crazy dress up days. Some of Kate's hobbies include reading, sewing, cross stitch, and singing in her church choir. If Kate were to be on David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks she'd share her talent of being incredibly flexible with different posses. Something you might not know about Kate is that she used to be a rhythmic gymnast and won all-around gold in her age division in back-to-back years. 

Brandon "Lonestar"-
Brandon hails  from Amarillo Texas. He is currently a student at Mid-American Christian University where he is studying Christian Ministries. Brandon has most recently worked as a lifeguard at the Oregon City swimming pool, swim lesson instructor, and as a wrestling coach for junior and senior high students. Brandon doesn't know that he'll ever grow up, but when he's a bit older, he'd like to be a good provider and love his job. Brandon's camp experiences include 2 years on staff at Pine Summit Christian camp working in recreation, life guarding, and running around with a broomstick pretending to be Harry Potter with an invisibility cloak. He then went on to become a Recreation Supervisor for Pine Summit Christian Camp. This will be Brandon's first summer serving on Summer Staff at Camp Magruder. Brandon's favorite thing about camp is admiring God's artwork in the scenery around him. Some of Brandon's hobbies include organized sports like wrestling, football, synchronized swimming, quidditch, baseball, and riding ponies. If Brandon were to be on David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks he would display his talent of being able to walk down stairs on his hands. Something you might not know about Brandon is that his favorite movie scene of all time is "The show must go on" from the Gene Kelly movie, "Singing in the Rain."

Caleb hails from Camp Magruder and will remain at Camp Magruder for his 31st summer. He most recently worked at Camp Magruder as a ride giver, but now serves as a therapy animal teaching large animal care to campers. His favorite part about camp is being spoiled with all the treats he gets when people come to visit him. Some of Caleb's hobbies include laying in the sunshine, wandering through camp, eating the garden, and braying. Something you might not know about Caleb is that he likes to rub his face on people's backsides. 

There you have them. It's time to get excited for the summer camping season to start. Everyone at Camp Magruder looks forward to camping with you this summer. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

The 23rd Psalm

While preparing for camp this summer, I ran across this version of the 23rd Psalm that I tweaked just slightly. I hope you enjoy it.

The 23rd Psalm for Camps
(1) The Lord is my favorite Camp Counselor; I have everything I need. (2) God lets me rest at F.O.B.; and leads me in great small group discussions. (3) God helps me to renew my strength. God guides me by example and flashlight, bringing joy to this camp. (4) Even when I am up against the ropes course I will not be afraid, for God is close beside me. Your backpack is full of any supplies we need and your friendship bracelet will encourage and inspire me. (5) You prepare a moving and motivational campfire for me in the presence of my cabin-mates. You accept me as your favorite camper, giving me high fives at every activity. My water bottle overflows with blessings. (6) Surely your fun loving spirit and your example will live with me all the days of my life, and I will remain a part of Camp Magruder forever.