Tunning and Repair Time

Each President's Day weekend for as long as I can remember, Camp Magruder has been host to Choir Camp. Campers this year are coming from all over the conference to spend the weekend learning and rehersing nine anthems that support this year's theme of "Surround Him With Praise." These combined efforts will culminate in a free concert open to the public Sunday, February 19th, at 7pm in Sherlock Lodge. Many hours go into the preparation of this event from staff and participants, but did you know...

Each year since 2008, Bob Ledden and Mike Rice have spent three days repairing and tuning all of the pianos at Camp Magruder prior to Choir Camp. Both, having previously been campers at Choir Camp, know how important it is to have pianos in good working order for this event. Countless people who have played pianos at Magruder in the past few years owe these two gentleman a thank you for their hard work.

Just how many pianos does Camp Magruder have? The answer is 10. We also have an electric piano and an organ to make sweet music at camp.


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