End of August

With the end of August brought many program events to Camp Magruder. The first was Grand Camp 2. This event had grandparents working with grandkids to create skits, competing to build sand castles, wave jumping, boating, swimming, singing around the campfire, participating in a variety show, plus a polar bear swim.

Creation Vacation Dallas and Salem came next. Highlights of these events included swimming, boating, singing around the campfire, roasting s'mores, a beach bonfire, donkey care, a teen challenge course event, archery, tie-dye, a hike to the tide pools, and playing on the big swing.

Camp Hope shared space with Creation Vacation Dallas and Salem this summer. Camp Hope is for adults with disabilities. Camper's highlights included arts and crafts, music classes, group games, swimming, boating, singing around the campfire, s'mores, a dance, talent show, and an awards ceremony.

Moms, Pops, and Tots followed next. This event is for families with toddlers. Highlights from this event include arts and crafts project turning kids into monsters, playing on the playground, wave teasing, beach play, a trip to the tide pools, donkey care, singing around the campfire, swimming, boating, and s'mores.

Camp Genesis (formerly First Steps Camp) shared camp at the end of the week. This was an opportunity for 1-2 graders to come to camp to have an introductory experience. Campers enjoyed arts and crafts, singing around the campfire, swimming, boating, wave teasing, the big swing, playing on the playground, s'mores, and a hike to the sand dune.

We held the first ever Adult Extreme Camp that week as well. Camper highlights included hiking the Bay Ocean Spit, kayaking through Tillamook Bay, tie-dying, gardening, hiking to hidden lake and the sand dune, cooking out, giant swing, swimming, boating, singing around the campfire, and learning effective communication skills.

Huckleberry Family Camp was next on the list of program events. This is another one of our family camp programs. Families enjoyed swimming, boating, wave teasing, crafts, sharing around the campfire, singing, s'mores, and spending time in community with each other.

Labor Day Family Camp rounded out our summer season. Families enjoyed a beach bonfire, swimming, boating, tie-dye, a trip on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, a variety show, donkey care, wave jumping, a sand castle competition, singing around the campfire, and s'mores. This camp was a fantastic way for families to spend the last weekend before school started back up.


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