Water Fun

Last weekend was beautiful here at Camp Magruder. It was warm and sunny during the day time with crisp fall evenings. Feeling inspired by the photography group who joined us for the weekend from Salem, I ventured out to get some shots of my own.

The lake is currently several feet lower than usual. The water next to the dock marking the deep end is currently only 4.5 feet deep. Take a look at how much beach we have in the swim area.

Among the wildlife who make themselves at home at Camp Magruder, we occasionally see geese. There were six geese who did just that in the swim area. They didn't seem to like my watching them as they walked away from me and eventually swam away.  

There was a beautiful stillness on the lake that offered us this view from the boat dock looking to the south end of camp. There aren't too many days when the lake is this calm all day. 

Our maintenance staff continue to paint buildings in camp. This past week they have been working on Edwards Lodge. They have done so much painting with our paint sprayer in the past few years that we've completely worn it out. So, progress is slow on this building. 

The rains have also returned. It has been raining less than 24 hours, but the ground can't soak in the water fast enough. Camp is turning into one giant puddle. It is nice to see the rain because the area has been under a burn ban this past week making it a little challenging to have campfires. 

This weekend we will close down the boating area for the season. It gets too windy and rainy to continue to run that activity and still have fun while doing it. 


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