Off and Rolling in 2013

It seems as if 2012 has just flown by and it's hard to imagine that it is already gone. We find ourselves in 2013 just as busy as ever around here at Camp Magruder. Looking back we are amazed by how far Camp Magruder has come over the many years and we are looking forward to all that 2013 has in store.

Work has continued on Beutler Lodge. A couple volunteers spent about a week here at camp working on building custom cabinets for the kitchen and bathrooms. They have also been responsible for designing and constructing drawers that will mount under all the bunk beds in camp allowing guests somewhere to store their belongings out of sight. The interior and exterior doors have all been replaced and trim is now being put up.

Installing the New Kitchen Cabinets
Happy Rik (Facilities Manager)
Kitchen Cabinets and Counter-top
Rik and Mark Working on Door and Window Trim
The return of guests in the next couple of weeks have our maintenance crew busily refinishing the floors in all the lodges. Edwards/ Kimberly Lodge was the first to be redone. The crew has to move all the furniture, sweep the area, strip the floor, and then do several applications of undercoat sealer and finishing sealer to complete the process. It takes a few days to complete the project but it always looks great and is just one of the many steps Camp Magruder's staff take to ensure sparkly clean buildings for guests.

Undercoat Sealer
Undercoat Sealer Complete
Mop Bucket Mid-Process
Today a ditch is being dug across the new gathering space. This allows the power line that runs overhead to be placed under ground. People will soon be able to play games or fly kites without worrying about safety.

Ditch in the Gathering Space
We've gained some new "friends" in the past few weeks who aren't exactly helpful. It seems as if Camp Magruder has been invaded by gophers. Mounds like the ones pictured below have popped up in several places around camp. Efforts have now been made to deter them from digging up our fields.

North Ball Field
Progress on Sherlock Lodge continues to move forward. Kitchen cabinets, counter-tops, and flooring have been installed, the bedrooms have new flooring, cabinets have been placed under the windows on either side of the fireplace in the meeting space, exterior touch up paint is in progress, plans have been made for a shelving system in the new costume room, and the bathrooms are coming along with plumbers here today. We are currently waiting for lighting fixtures and new bunk beds to arrive before we can decide on finishing details and get the project completed. There is still work to be done, but the construction crew is working hard to complete the project as quickly as possible.

Sherlock Meeting Space
Sherlock Restroom
Sherlock Interior Staircase
Sherlock Kitchen
Sherlock's New Kitchen Cabinets
Flooring Glue
Upstairs Bedroom
Last week we had beautiful sunny weather at camp with very cold and frozen mornings. Several mornings the ice on Caleb's water bucket had to be broken and removed for him to be able to get a drink.

Caleb's Water Bucket
With the start of the new year, we've begun a new photo album on our Facebook page called, "Where in the World is Camp Magruder?" The idea being that people (as they were traveling or in their home city) would take and send photos of themselves in their Camp Magruder gear. These would then be posted indicating where and when the picture was taken. People wishing to participate can send photos to or post them directly on the Facebook album. Join us to to see where Camp Magruder goes in 2013.  

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