Friday, April 19, 2013

Poor Caleb

Thursday morning, April 11, Camp Magruder was a buzz of activity and energy. An unleashed dog ran into camp from the beach and got into a fight with Caleb. For those of you who don't know, donkeys and dogs do not get a long. Loud braying and barking alerted staff to a problem which was quickly resolved. The dog owner was incredibly sorry, but both animals walked away from this incident slightly hurt and shaken up. The vet came to check out Caleb and ended up giving him 10 stitches in the side of his upper lip and five days of antibiotics. Let me tell you, there is almost nothing as pathetic as seeing a donkey loopy with medicine who can hardly hold his head up to get his stitches. 

Caleb seems to have recovered for the most part. He remains a bit jumpy and easy to scare, but is loving the extra attention and treats he's getting from staff. He doesn't love the taste of his antibiotic at all, but Mary Poppins continues to be right. A spoon full of sugar (or molasses) helps the medicine go down. Caleb is scheduled to get his stitches out this coming Monday afternoon. 

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