The 23rd Psalm

While preparing for camp this summer, I ran across this version of the 23rd Psalm that I tweaked just slightly. I hope you enjoy it.

The 23rd Psalm for Camps
(1) The Lord is my favorite Camp Counselor; I have everything I need. (2) God lets me rest at F.O.B.; and leads me in great small group discussions. (3) God helps me to renew my strength. God guides me by example and flashlight, bringing joy to this camp. (4) Even when I am up against the ropes course I will not be afraid, for God is close beside me. Your backpack is full of any supplies we need and your friendship bracelet will encourage and inspire me. (5) You prepare a moving and motivational campfire for me in the presence of my cabin-mates. You accept me as your favorite camper, giving me high fives at every activity. My water bottle overflows with blessings. (6) Surely your fun loving spirit and your example will live with me all the days of my life, and I will remain a part of Camp Magruder forever. 



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