Remodeling Season

We are at it again. It's remodeling season at Camp Magruder. This fall we've begun the renovation of the shed near the Atwood Bathhouse. This structure had previously been used as a storage shed and was emptied this summer to make way for it to become the new housekeeping office.

In the past month we've had plumbers and electricians working to make sure this building would have water and electricity as it had previously not had either. The maintenance crew has been working against the weather to get the exterior weather-proofed before the rainy season is fully upon us. Following the next building inspection we'll move on to the insulation and drywall process.

The new housekeeping office will allow for three washers and dryers to be installed as well as ample cabinetry and counters to fold and store laundry. The housekeeping staff is eager to move in to their new office that will allow them to serve Camp Magruder much more efficiently.


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