God Sent Me A Donkey

Being around a donkey and caring for them requires patience, dedication, love, and often the ability to plain out-stubborn them. I spent a long time yesterday afternoon talking to Caleb about the merits of being able to let go of whatever miscommunication or feelings (believe me he's got some strong feelings) he was having towards myself or the world and just let me in to love on him. What prompted this whole thing was about 30 minutes spent literally trying to convince Caleb that letting me brush and pet him was a much better way of life than swishing his tail, attempting to bite, and stomping at me. I found myself saying doesn't it just feel good to have someone who loves you no matter how stubborn, cranky, or rude you can be towards them? 

I began to wonder, if in some ways, I am just as guilty of this type of behavior. Have I been pulling a "Caleb" to those who try to show love and care for me? I started to think about how I can communicate and be more receptive to the love and grace people are trying to offer me. I also reminded myself that some people in life will be like Caleb and act out, but it's my job to offer them grace and love unconditionally. The real light bulb moment came when I admitted that I am occasionally guilty of this "Caleb" type behavior with God. Hmm, did God just provide me a sassy stubborn donkey to remind me that God's always there showing me unconditional grace and love? What a sense of humor God's got sometimes.

As Thanksgiving and the holiday season approaches I urge you to consider your life. Have you been pulling a "Caleb?" How will you accept love, and just as important, how will you share your unconditional love and thankfulness for others?


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