Making a Joyful Noise

This past weekend's Choir Camp and Young Adults in Service Camp kicked off the program events for 2014 at Camp Magruder. Despite the torrential rain and gusty winds all weekend, people still found time to enjoy the beach and Christian fellowship and left with renewed spirits.

This was the second year that we held Young Adults in Service Camp. Students from Oregon State University worked hard to put together and lead this event for college aged attendees. There were 12 young adults that came from Corvallis, Eugene, and Springfield this year to volunteer their time to service projects at Camp Magruder. The theme this year was Matthew 14:13-21 (the story of the loaves and fishes) with the reminder that God will provide enough for all if we just ask. Speaking of asking and providing, we asked these folks to spend some time working in our garden and they provided service hours of weeding, compost sifting, bed filling, and path re-establishing to get our garden ready for its spring planting. They were a delightful crew who despite the awful weather could be heard making a joyful noise with each other in camp.

We also held the 29th annual Choir Camp last weekend. In total 71 people came for this event, some serving as staff while others simply came to sing. The theme for Choir Camp this year was "Come to the Music" where all will be renewed through music and Christ. These campers worked tirelessly to learn 10 anthems to be sung in their concert on Sunday evening. In addition campers participated in workshops throughout the weekend (handbells, beginning guitar, tile painting, sacred dance, music theory), a variety show complete with song and dance performances, daily worship experiences, sectional practices, and still found time to laugh and play with each other. What a beautiful thing it is to make a joyful noise in such a large choir.

We are already looking forward to next year's Young Adults in Service and Choir Camps anticipating all the learning we'll do and the fun to be had. Don't miss out on the opportunity to renew your spirit and make a joyful noise at camp this year. Visit to see a complete listing of program offerings in 2014 and register for an event that will make your heart sing.


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