Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer Review

It's been a long time coming but here are some highlights from this summer at Camp Magruder. 

Campfires were a lot of fun. This summer we had a shared opening night campfire with all the program camps. We ended each week with a closing campfire that parents and families were invited to attend. These changes and additions were well received and have become a new tradition at Camp Magruder.  

We hiked to the tide pools and saw lots of creatures. We didn't as many sea stars that were alive as usual due to Sea Star Wasting Syndrome. We were successful in finding a few that were alive on each trip.  

We facilitated team building with our youth camps as well as several high school and college leadership groups.


We played greased watermelon, polar bear swam, and jumped on the water trampoline. People enjoyed themselves on the boats as well. 


We participated in arts and crafts that included friendship bracelet making, pottery, tie-dye, painting, candle making, and beading. 

We learned facts about Malaria, made mosquitoes and buttons, played games, and talked about how we could help raise awareness and money for Imagine No Malaria back home. Each group of program camps opted to give up lunch time cookies or hot chocolate in order to donate that money. Additionally, many campers decided to donate money from their camp store account as well. We raised $790 this summer which will save 79 lives in Africa. 

We had an all camp talent/variety show each week of program camps. Campers played musical instruments, sang, danced, performed skits and comedy routines, and generally impressed us with their talents. 

Each week of program camps we played an all camp game called Life and Death in the Forest. Campers became herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores that were sent out into the forest in search of food and water. If they were tagged they lost a life. When they ran out of lives they died. Once the game was called off we gathered up to talk about life being hard in the food chain and everything being interconnected.  

We had a lot of fun on the beach this summer. We built sand castles for competitions, played games, and went wave jumping.

We saw old friends and made new friends this summer. 

We learned to play music and made lots of joyful noise. 

We found adventure on the archery range and sand dune.

We planted a peace pole and made peace prayer flags during each program camp that now wave in our garden.

And, we learned a lot about the power of camp in our lives. 

A special thank you goes out to our summer staff and volunteer deans and counselors for working tirelessly to create and lead quality programs at Camp Magruder this summer. We couldn't have done it without you. 

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