Camp Magruder's 2016 Resource Staff

We are excited to announce the 2016 Camp Magruder Resource Staff! We're looking forward to spending a whole summer with these 5 people, who will become family on the Oregon Coast. We'll wave jump, plan worships, sing silly songs, meet lots of wonderful people, eat lots of marshmallows, and change lives.

The 2016 Resource Staff is:

-Anna Allen
-Melia Deters
-Rikki Earle
-Maddy Hickerson
-Ben Scranage

And Hope Montgomery is returning as our Summer Program Director.

We'll have more information on our Summer staff each week, so you can get to know them all a little better. On Saturday, we'll hold interviews for 8 Resident Counselors who will serve at Magruder, Latgawa, and Suttle Lake this summer. Keep us and the applicants in your prayers this weekend.

We hope you are as excited about this summer as we are. Great things are on their way!


  1. YAYYYYYY!!!!! So excited to hear that Hope is coming back! And Ben and Rikki too! Welcome to all the Resource Staff!


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