Friday, February 10, 2017

The News from Magruder February 5-11

This week much of the camp staff returned from a National Camp Leader Gathering, where we got to meet other camp professionals, attended workshops, and shared a great deal of bonding time.
Returning from an event like this is tiring for sure, but it also gives you a shot of energy for the work you are doing. There is nothing like being with a group of people who know what you know and do what you do. There is nothing like coming together as one body for the same purpose. And so, we came back to our camp with fresh perspectives and reinvigorated passion for our little camp.

When we finally parked the camp Jimmy at about 11:30pm, it was a refreshing feeling to get out and feel the cool sea air. To hear that familiar sound of waves running their course on the beach. The spruces and hemlocks waving with the wind. Our trip was fun and inspirational, but it was good to be home.

Our first day back we hosted AllOne, an ecumenical group of church leaders in the Portland area who get together to support each other and discuss issues within their church. They were on retreat getting rest from their lives of service. They focused specifically this week on self care. It is a pleasure to get to sit around the table and discuss people's lives with them. This is one of the joys of being on a camp staff--an important portion of our work includes these moments hearing each others' stories. There is something about sitting around a table with people, telling stories as you eat. It is akin to a medicine.

It has felt much more like regular Pacific Northwest this week on the coast. Each day has seen some sort of rain. These have been good soup days. Good days for a warm cup of tea in the middle of the afternoon. I love the days at Magruder, sitting in Carrier dining hall, looking at the window at the rain
and wind on Smith lake, warming myself with warm food and drink. There is little motivation to rush outside, so you just talk more to the people at your table. In our busy worlds, we often get anxious to move onto the next task. On days like this it is a little easier to tarry and continue the conversation. Grab that extra mug of tea. Let it warm you up as you talk next to the window.

The wind picked up Wednesday night, and you could hear it through most of the night at Camp Magruder. When we woke the next morning, there were small branches on the road. Newts were out on parade after a lot of rain. As the day went on, we would hear stories of flooding in our nearby cities. At camp, though, the lights were still on, the heat still worked, and we stayed on our work prepping for more guests to come and see the sites we wake up to each day. The water levels would fall by the weekend, and we would be ready to welcome our next round of guests, offering some shelter from the storm.

This weekend we are excited to host the Beaverton High School Choir and Westminster Service Group. Keep their time with us in your prayers.

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