Camp Magruder Has a New Logo

We are excited to introduce a Camp Magruder logo we will use in our communication representing the camp. The logo represents features of the camp that are unique to Camp Magruder and symbolize some core beliefs we have about who we are and the way the spirit of God moves through our beautiful site.

Camp Magruder’s most distinctive feature is the ocean. From nearly every part of camp, you can hear the Pacific Ocean. The ocean shapes the landscape and the weather. The ocean is larger than we can visualize, deep in a way that is difficult to comprehend. We can never know the entire ocean, we only know the part we see at our shoreline. But, even this encounter with a small part of this enormous, powerful thing can be revolutionary, life changing. The water represents how we cherish this thing so much bigger than us and seek to remember how it is constantly present and shaping us into something new.

Shore Pines, like the one featured in the logo, make up much of the woods bordering the beach sand. They were planted by Magruder leaders over the years. Some of the trees produce arm-like branches that start near the trunk. They are called Octopus Trees and many campers and guests have enjoyed climbing them over many years. Magruder began with the vision of a small group of faithful church members with a dream. Over the years, many branches have sprung from that trunk, taken their own direction and bore their own branches. The Shore Pine represents how we celebrate the many ways this camp has provided Christian hospitality and environments of learning for wide ranges of groups who make the world better. We also celebrate how all these possibilities sprang from the trunk planted many years ago by faithful dreamers.

Look for our new logo on our social media outlets, our shirts and other keepsakes, and on our paper correspondence in the near future. We hope you'll begin to recall some of your wonderful Camp Magruder experiences whenever you see this image. 


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