Magruder Reaches Fund-Raising Goal! Next Step $35K from Gray Family Foundation

Camp Magruder is happy to announce we reached our $17,500 fundraising goal in order to receive a maintenance grant from the Gray Family Foundation for $35,000. Around 50 people and organizations contributed to make this campaign possible.

Old Boiler we will replace
New energy efficient water heaters
With the funds, Camp Magruder will replace important parts of the
infrastructure of Carrier Dining Hall that were highly inefficient and failing. Most of the building’s hot water and heating were provided by an outdated boiler system that went down just before summer season began. Camp Magruder will replace the inefficient system with on-demand water heaters and heat pumps using a fraction of the propane. This will also allow for removal of all the pipes protruding from the ceiling of Chappell Hall meeting room, taking the first step in a long-term project goal of making that space more welcoming.
Wetlands trail bridge
getting a facelift

In this campaign, a donation was also received to repair and update
the bridge spanning part of Smith Lake on the wetlands trail that had been patched up after a tree fell on it several years ago. With any remaining funds, we will continue our replacement of Carrier Dining Hall’s single pane windows with more energy efficient versions that can open for fresh air.
Unsightly pipes that can now be removed

This process was such an uplifting experience for the Camp Magruder staff. Each day we received word of a new donation we felt the many hands involved in this work. Thank you for joining us in this mission to create spaces for learning and community drawing us all closer to each other and the spirit moving our camp. Stay tuned—we are shaping new plans that we’ll be ready to share later in the year to continue to improve this wonderful place.


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