Camp Magruder's Response to 2019 UM General Conference Decision

In this time of division over the United Methodist Church’s recent decision towards a more traditional approach to human sexuality, Camp Magruder will continue to train, support, employ, and learn from LGBTQ+ persons who have been called to be part of our great mission of offering Christian hospitality and learning.

The process within our global faith tradition to work through these issues is far from over. Through
this time of continued reflection we remain committed to partnering with people and groups doing good in the world whether gay or straight, gender nonconforming or conforming. We believe this commitment is a key to what the church will be in the 21st Century.

If you have felt hurt, neglected, or unheard by the General Conference decision know that Camp Magruder is working to create a safe place for all. We want to love our neighbors, not just in principle, but through the actions of listening, sharing, and working side-by-side in community. May we continue our sacred work around the campfire together.


  1. Well said. Love being a part of community

  2. Thank you thank you. You bring hope...

  3. It all comes down to love. Thank you for loving Everyone.
    1st U choir member

  4. Thank you that is a wonderful statement. Will you be sharing this policy with other camp users?

    1. Claudia, so sorry this response is delayed. Our notifications got turned off on the blog. Yes, this statement was shared on all our social media and with all our retreat groups who we suspected had an interest in it. We've received mostly positive responses, and we hope it opens the way for more conversations about how we can grow in our faith to make space for more to join our circle of friends.

  5. Yessssssssss! Way to go Magruder! This is so very overdue. I’m proud to be affiliated in anyway with this organization!


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