Help Us Light the Way in 2019

Improvements planned for the Corbett Patio at Edwards Lodge
This Spring Camp Magruder is raising money for a campaign we call Light the Way. The funds raised will continue improving our grounds and creating a welcoming camp, conducive to reflection, community, and growth. Projects are planned right now to enrich the discovery experienced in an intentionally hospitable, inspiring place. Our goal is $50,000.

Keep up with our campaign and donate at:

We want to “shine the light,” by improving our directional signs and the lighting along our most-used paths. We hope to “shine the light,” better on Magruder’s history by commissioning plaques explaining the history of the each building’s namesake. And, we want to “shine a light,” for more outdoor community by improving the Borgny Corbett patio outside the Edwards Lodge to be even more inviting for gatherings and relaxation.

Donations from friends like you will help guests better navigate our beautiful site and encourage interaction and relationship. Many stories will be shared about how Camp Magruder and its circle of friends has been important in people’s lives. From this work together, many new stories and friendships that will come.

Our mailing sent out just a few weeks ago, and we've already just about reached $10,000, which will make it possible to get started on our first project. You make these projects happen.

If you have a story for us about a Magruder building’s namesake, contact us. If you know someone with a story or who could help us reach our goal, help us connect. And, as you see our posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Blogger please like, tag, comment, and share. It really helps the word get out far better than anything we can do on our own.

Lastly, if you’d like to raise money for the Light the Way campaign yourself, please contact us. We will make it easy and even fun for you.

Contact to tell your story or become a Light the Way fundraiser. We’ll have more to tell you soon.


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