Meet the Brekke's

Here's the next installment of "Meet the Permanent Staff" of Camp Magruder. This week we meet the Brekke's.

Meet Reno:
Reno Brekke has been in his position as the Food Service Manager for a year now, but wasn't brought to Camp Magruder originally for this position. Reno is a "jack of all trades" and has dabbled in all sorts of careers in his life. When the big wind and rain storm of 2007 blew through the area devastating local communities, Reno was a general contractor and came to camp to repair a few of the significantly damaged roofs. While at camp, he was moved and decided that he'd like to be a part of it all.

"I love to see people's happy faces when they are here and know that they will take these memories with them when they leave. I believe the most important thing about Camp Magruder is that it is a place of happiness, dreams, and memories that everyone should be fortunate enough to experience."

"I feel like I was led on a divine path to Camp Magruder. This place and the opportunities I have had here have been a blessing. Camp Magruder has enriched my life as well as my families. It is such a privalege to get to work here."

Meet Cassie:
"My first experience with camping was as a child at Lake Olollie with friends and family. The kids would swim, hunt for frogs and salamanders, and explore. I remember how free and independent that made me feel."

Cassie Brekke has been with Camp Magruder for 4 years in our housekeeping department. About a year ago, Cassie stepped into her current position as the Housekeeping Manager.

"I like knowing that I am a part of a broad spectrum team that has such a positive impact on our guests lives as well as my own. From the moment I put on my staff vest, I knew I was appreciated, encouraged, and allowed to do the best I could. I have not only been encouraged to work, but encouraged to grow. This made me not only want to be a staff member, but to stay a staff member."

"I believe that the people who come through Camp Magruder have such compassion and spirit. I hope that the message and ministry of Camp Magruder continues to spread and feed people's hearts and souls. I believe that the most important thing about Camp Magruder is that everyone is welcome here; truly welcomed, cherished, and loved for exactly who they are and where they are in life."


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