Hulbert's Landing

The purpose of the Waterfront Renovation Project at Camp Magruder has been to continue to provide a safe place for people to develop and practice new skills, explore the lakes unique ecosystem, and grow in community together. The replacement of the boat dock was just one part of a three part process to improve and expand the waterfront opportunities at Camp Magruder. We replaced the swim dock in 2010, the boat dock in 2012, and hope to purchase new equipment in the coming years.

Last year, Camp Magruder had 32 hospitality groups and 24 conference camps request the use of the boats during their events for a total of about 3,000 people. This was roughly 1/3 the total number of people who came to Magruder in 2011.

This past week was bittersweet. In three days we celebrated the demolition of that old boat dock and the construction of Hulbert’s Landing (the new boat dock) to be named after Ted and Rosalie Hulbert. Ted was the Director at Camp Magruder for a number of years and Rosalie served as the Office Manager. They both embody the spirit of Camp and Retreat Ministries and continue to be passionate about what Camp and Retreat Ministries does in lives of so many people.

Hulbert's Landing is an incredible new structure that features a boat launch enabling people with limited mobility the opportunity to safely maneuver into boats on a stable surface. There are wider walkways around the boat slips that allow for people to walk to the end of them to board watercraft rather than having to climb over all the seats. This dock is slightly longer than the past one allowing lifeguards the ability to monitor the lake more effectively. It has a ladder attached so that people can get back on the dock easily should there be a capsizing event. But, the greatest part of it all is that the whole thing floats.

We invite you to drop by Camp Magruder and get a look at Hulbert's Landing. Sign yourself or your family up for events at Magruder this summer and start making new memories on Hulbert's Landing. A special thank you goes out to the First UMC of Eugene for seeing the need and answering the call to help with this project. 


  1. Looks amazing! Can't wait to try it out in a few weeks at family camp! Great name too :)


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