A New Roof

For the past two weeks Edwards Lodge has been under construction. It was time to get a new roof put on it.

In other news, the first Rhodedendron bush is starting to bloom in camp.


  1. How is the construction of the Edwards Lodge coming along? I hope everything is going forward on schedule. Spring is a pretty good time to initiate any repair and renovation project. Speaking of spring, those rhododendron flowers are lovely. I do have some rows of daffodils in my garden. Looking at them in bloom always lifts up my mood.

    Mariam Freame

  2. So, how’s the new roof now? I’d love to see some photos of it. I’m pretty sure that it looks beautiful. Anyway, those Rhododendron flowers are so lovely. They’re all very refreshing to look at.

    *Santo Caridine

  3. The installation of a new roof does take a lot of time and effort, since it is important to make sure that you complete cover all the bases to ensure its durability. After all, a sturdy roof is key to the longevity of the house. By the way, how’s it going now?

    - Joanne Barragan

  4. Did you hire roofers to construct Edward’s lodge? Even though roofing your own roof can save you a thousand bills, it would still be best to hire professionals to do the job. It should be done right to ensure its resilience and stability against harsh weathers or other bad factors that might destroy the roof.

    Penelope Dingee

  5. How did the construction go? I hope to see some more pictures when it’s finished! :) Start a good habit by making sure that your roof is well maintained with regular check-ups. It would be best to always check if there is debris stuck on your shingles or gutters. These things could cause roof damage if not attended to immediately.

    Mary Martin

  6. Congrats with your new roof! I’m sure your roof contractors did a great job in replacing your roof. I can see that you have a very beautiful home surrounded by lush plants and trees. You are very lucky to live in that very refreshing environment. BTW, those Rhodedendron bushes are all lovely!

    *Cody Charlebois

  7. Hmm, it looks like that was a pretty sunny day, and that was indeed the best time to replace your roof. So, who was that man doing the repair? By the way, I love the Rhodedendron bush! Where there are flowers, I’m sure there will also be butterflies! I want to see butterflies too!

    -Lida Swisher


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