Recylce Mania

This past weekend we did a major recycling center clean up at Camp Magruder. Unlike in the city where people get curbside pick up, all of our recyclable materials are sorted and stored in bins which then have to be hauled off site to be disposed of. We take them 25 minutes north of here to a place called Cart'm Recycling Center just outside Manzanita. Needless to say, it is a serious commitment that we make to clean, sort, and haul away the recyclables Camp Magruder generates in addition to those left behind by our guests. The whole process takes a staff person anywhere from three hours to a full work day to complete. During our slower season we go about once month to Cart'm, but when we are busier we have to take care of it at least twice a month. All that recycling can make a person tired.

Several years ago we converted a carport into our current recycling center. There are bins and bags placed around the perimeter of this structure with marked signs indicating what goes in them. This weekend we cleaned up broken glass, plastic, paper, and other debris from the ground around the bins. We removed everything that was under the carport and re-graveled the entire area. It took 6.5 hours and 45 wheelbarrows of gravel to complete the project, but the resulting new floor and cleaned up appearance give it a much needed boost in aesthetic appeal as well as streamlined function.

Next time you come to Camp Magruder make sure to check out the impressive recycling center.


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