Memorial Day Family Camp Kicks Off Our Summer Season

Memorial Day weekend is the official start to all things summer related around here. The scenic railroad that runs trains out of Garibaldi begins its scheduled daily trips, people start flooding local campgrounds, and we count down the final days until summer staff training (11 days) and the busy camping season that follows (17 days). Take a look at some of the photos from Memorial Day Family Camp and see some of the ways that we are preparing for the busy season ahead.

We made a train of our own to return the six rowboats to their proper docking location for the summer. Before this, they were flipped upside down on the shore of the swim area to prevent them from filling with water in all the spring rains.

Repairs were made to the oar lock socket in the lifeguard boat and new oar locks were added to the lifeguard oars. Over the Memorial Day weekend repairs were tested and appear to be ready for the summer. An interesting thing to note is that the repairs and lifeguard were tested not by our campers and guests, but the children of people who work and live here at camp.

The row boats are in need of a good washing before the season starts. The yellow grime at the back of the boat is actually a build up of pollen that collected in them when they were on the shore of the swim area this spring. The pollen doesn't seem to deter happy campers from boating during Memorial Day Family Camp.

The boathouse is getting put back in order after the winter months of being used as an indoor storage facility. Arts and crafts supplies are being ordered, stocked in the cupboards, and put to the test by talented young artists.

We are continually but pleasantly surprised by all the signs of new life around Camp Magruder. There are countless birds busy building nests in the anticipation of the additions to their families just as we are anticipating the additions and return of our camp family this summer.

There are plenty of opportunities to register for our summer camping programs or volunteer your gifts and talents in service with us. We can't wait to see you this summer.


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