Light at the End of the Tunnel

We appreciate the dedication and sweat that has gone into the renovations at Camp Magruder over the past few months, but celebrate the light at the end of the tunnel. Over the past three months dramatic changes have occurred and we can't wait to share these improvements with our guests.

Progress has continued in Sherlock Lodge. The flooring has been completed in the main hall, lighting fixtures have been installed upstairs, kitchen appliances have gone in, the costume closet shelving system has been completed, wiring for a digital projector is being worked on, and the bathrooms have gotten their fixtures. Additionally, work has been done on the new bunk beds to get them sealed before putting them together.

Women's Bathroom

Bedroom Lighting

Installing Projector
Installing the Chemicals to the Plumbing for the Mop Station

Shelving System for the Costume Closet

Bunk Bed Pieces

New flooring has been going down in Beutler this week. It seems as if the bunk beds have been in constant shuffle in that building due to the constant rain and not being able to put anything outside.

Flooring in the South Bedroom

Surprise! The dining hall also has new flooring. In addition to the new tables and chairs that were purchased last year, this will give the dining hall a fresh new look. A new flag pole has been donated to us by the construction company and has been installed outside the dining hall.

Our volunteer piano tuners were in camp this week getting things in tip-top shape for Choir Camp next weekend. With the help of the maintenance department, they even moved the baby grand piano into it's new home in Sherlock. This piano, as well as an upright piano, were donated to us by the Sellwood United Methodist Church that closed last spring. The baby grand will be a great place for groups to gather to have worship and camp sing-alongs.

Putting the Baby Grand Piano Together

Caleb continues to be up to his usual antics. The other day he was caught licking the metal siding on his fence and today he's spent time basking and warming himself in the sunshine. What a silly donkey he is.

We keep looking for debris from the devastating earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan, but have yet to see anything big wash up on our shore. While giving a tour this morning, we watched the ocean roll a giant tree in the surf and were reminded just how powerful God's creation can be.

Don't forget to mark your calendars to join us for the Choir Camp Concert Sunday February 17 at 7:00pm. We'll be holding a re-dedication ceremony for Sherlock Lodge at the start of the concert. If you'd like to stay the night at Camp Magruder you can still sign up for the Choir Camp Concert Package. Visit for more details.


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