Friday, June 10, 2016

The News from Magruder 6/5-11

At the beginning of the week, the first of our summer staff arrived. They were here to get certified as lifeguards, to be trained as level 1 archery instructors. They brought a shift with them, a feeling of beginnings. It is the infant stages of our summer. We are learning to walk, grabbing things and looking closely at them. It is a time of growth and the growth must be quick. In about three months, we'll be saying goodbye. This group will know this place like a bedroom. We'll have inside jokes. We'll memories that will already be changing us.

Yes, we are about to begin the summer at Camp Magruder. We have started our orientation, even as I type this dispatch to all you loyal readers. The planning has already started. The preparations are being made. Growth is happening already. Learning is happening already.

It is time for wave jumping, for row boats. It is time for s'mores stuck to fingertips. It is time for sand hidden in shoes and socks.

These are the days of late nights telling jokes and stories, the days of hugs under the spruce trees, the days of sand candles, wood cookies, and tie dye t-shirts. The days of new friends and old friends. People we look up to, people we fall in love with.

These are the days of smelly wet towels, life jackets, sun screen, and bug spray.

We will walk through the woods in pairs or triads or 5x5, singing silly songs like canon. We will warm ourselves by the fire as the darkness takes hold. We will share pows and wows, peaks and valleys, highs and lows, the places we saw God.

We will stand in lines by the ocean looking out over the vast sea and sky feeling a small part of something big. We stand on top of large hills looking out over treetops and thank God that we have even a small time here together.

We tell secrets we've never told here. We make promises we keep here. People find themselves here.
People are themselves here. People discover who they want to be here.

These are the days of blue skies and sun. These are the days of swim trunks. These are the days of huckleberrries and salal. These are the days of smoke smell in t-shirts. These are the days of laughter through goodbye tears.

We are preparing for late nights and early mornings. We are preparing for washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms. We are preparing our smiles for cars pulling into the North Ballfield. We are preparing
our singing voices, our gaga serves, our campfire stories.

This is where we make bracelets and memories, sand forts and life-long friends.

It is time for growth. It is time for sunshine and light. It is time for giggles and embraces. It is time for teary eyed goodbye hugs. It is time to get back to nature. It is time to meet new brothers and sisters. It is time for summer camp.

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