Outdoor Education

Camp Magruder has been home to several different types of outdoor education programs over the years. We have partnered with OMSI, hosted self-directed environmental programs with schools, and had various groups contract our staff to facilitate educational opportunities for youth and adults. Since our founding in 1945, we have helped to provide outdoor education experiences to thousands of people throughout Oregon.

This week the Northwest Regional Education Service District Outdoor Science School program has returned to Camp Magruder. We are proud to celebrate the completion of one full year of partnering with them to provide quality educational experiences to sixth grade students and high school counselors.

During this, the first week of their program, we've hosted 223 sixth grade students, 23 counselors, and 10 Outdoor Science School staff on-site. The Outdoor Science School staff consists of a Site Supervisor, Nurse, Field Instructors, and Program staff; each person playing a vital role in this program's success. This program keeps the Camp Magruder and Outdoor Science School staffs very busy throughout the season.

Plate Tectonics Lesson

Each week several schools converge on-site to create a larger community. Students from all different schools and classes are mixed as cabin groups for their stay here. By living, working, and learning together students discover how to get along and problem solve with a variety of people.

Oregon in the Sand Lesson

Students participate in Earth, Forest, Water, and Animal field studies as well as the taking part in the Metro curriculum involving waste reduction and sustainability. Through hands-on interactive activities, students develop a better understanding of the natural world and how everything is tied together.

Soil Compaction Lesson

We look forward to working with the Northwest Regional Education Service district for years to come. Their mission to create environmental literacy and responsible citizenship aligns with Camp Magruder's mission of developing lifestyles of loving interdependence with each other and all of creation.

Tell us about your Outdoor Science School experience and how it impacted you. We'd love to hear some of your stories.


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