So, have you ever lost something? You search and re-trace your steps, but can't find it. You get angry, frustrated, lose hope, and feel like it's gone forever. That one thing you lost somehow feels like it is the most important thing you own and you can't imagine life without it. Finally, you are forced to make the choice to keep looking for the missing thing until it's found or to give up on it, life never feeling quite complete.

This summer I experienced this first hand. We had these wagons that the summer staff constantly used to haul compost, craft and game supplies, as well as snacks around camp. In July the only real working wagon went missing. We searched high and low for several days looking for this valuable tool with no luck. We gave up looking and were forced to adapt our way of working here without it. Let me tell you, it made things much more challenging (and me much sweatier) this summer.

I find that you can look and look for something, but if you aren't challenged and really ready for it, you won't fully appreciate it or find it. Well, today as I walked to lunch I just happened to look at Sherlock Lodge. What did I see sitting next to it... our beloved wagon.

This is why I work at Camp Magruder. I see people enter the camp gate searching for something. It may be faith that was lost, spiritual renewal, family togetherness, peace, nature, quiet, strength, calm, direction, community, or a number of other things. Just by being here, being present and challenged in this place, open to discovering things you may not have known you were looking for, people are transformed. They leave here with hope and a new sense of renewal that is inspiring. Being in service here allows me to help care for the earth and transform the world.

Amy Wood, Program Services Director

This is the first of several installments of meet the permanent Magruder staff. Join me as I introduce you to the people who work at camp year round and find out why they do it.


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