Getting Ready for Winter

Abrams is getting a much needed and deserved overhaul this winter. Our maintenance crew were able to fix a rotting wall in that building last year before we got into the busy season, but weren't able to really finish the project the way they would have liked. Now that we have time, they have gone back into Abrams to finish what they started. This week they have installed new windows, finished sheet rock, and will be texturizing walls. Next week it gets interior paint and eventually a new floor to match that of Collins and Pines.

Our housekeeping staff are busy cleaning up cabins after their last use of the season. They are also busy unplugging appliances and preparing buildings for winter.

Our kitchen crew finished up food service for the season this last weekend. They have been busy cleaning out refrigerators, freezers, and pantries of perishable foods as well as covering dishes and unplugging appliances for the winter.

Those of us in the office have been busy working on budgets for the coming year, booking reservations for guest groups, year-end reports, and writing grants for new waterfront equipment.


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