Giving Thanks

This week we find ourselves thrown into what seems the middle of winter with rain, wind, more rain, more wind, and even more rain. Camp has weathered the storms this week fairly well. We had sustained winds of 34.5 mph on Tuesday as well as wind gusts as high as 66 mph. Did I mention we had lots of rain? We've had nearly 3.5 inches in just under a week.

Dead branches and small limbs have been shaken from their homes amongst the trees. Trash cans have also been blown and scattered about camp. There was thunder and lightning Tuesday afternoon and on into the evening. A power pole fuse blew on the pole in front of the camp office resulting in a sound like an explosion and power being out to the Maintenance Shop and Pioneer Lodge. The storm also brought down a power line on Old Pacific Highway across from Huffman House just outside the camp gates. As of this afternoon, all power has been restored.

Each of us who remain in camp during the winter are all safe from harm and we've not sustained any property damage from this bout of weather. We're constantly amazed by those who call, write, and worry about camp as they hear about winter storms and other coastal emergencies.

As we pause this week to return home and give thanks with friends and family, we also pause to give thanks for the home Camp Magruder has become for countless people over the years. From the bottom of our hearts we thank each of you who have visited us at camp this year, donated either time or financial gifts, spread the word about our ministry, or have sent prayers our way. We hope you enjoy the start of your holiday season.


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