National Cookie Monster Day

Wednesday, November 2, marks National Cookie Monster day in the United States. What better way to share our love of cookies here at Camp Magruder than by taking you behind the scenes in our kitchen.

The magic begins with the giant mixer you see in the baking area of the kitchen. The famous chocolate chip cookie recipe hangs just to the right of the mixer on the wall.

We don't make cookies in small home sized batches, but fill industrial mixing bowls with dough. The whole process of making dough, baking, cooling, and storing these cookies can take someone an entire morning.

After a short time in the oven we have trays and trays of famous Camp Magruder chocolate chip cookies.

Because we make so many cookies at one time, we store them in big containers hidden away. At any given time we have two to three containers full of cookies in the Camp Magruder kitchen.

It takes several attempts to master the art of the perfectly baked cookie. Each person on our kitchen staff takes pride in their cookie trying to make it better than any other baker here at camp. Brandon (featured in the picture below) has been mastering the chocolate chip cookie this fall.

We've gone back and forth about giving the recipe out for our chocolate chip cookies. People say they come to camp for the delicious cookies here. By giving people the recipe, we've got to trust that there is something else in camp they'll come back for.

Enjoy National Cookie Monster day.


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