Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you. May this year bring you peace, love, and laughter. The year 2012 has already brought a few things to Camp Magruder.

While our water meter was being inspected and replaced, workers accidentally poked a hole in one of the water lines. There was an effort to fix the hole, but it was not to the crews liking. Workers will be back this Saturday to shut off water in camp and permanently repair the problem. Needless to say, where the water meter is the ground is all torn up. Luckily our recycling area has never really looked all that pretty anyway.

Abrams continues to get a face lift. Rholen, one of our old maintenance workers, has come back to install new linoleum. The cabin should soon look like Pines and Collins which underwent construction in 2011. The maintenance crew are hoping that the floor will be done soon so that they can return the bunks to the cabin and move on to other projects.

Work has also begun on refinishing the floors around camp. On Wednesday all the furniture in the dining hall was removed and the initial sweeping and mopping was completed. The dining hall is scheduled to take about a week to complete.

A grant was recently submitted to upgrade out waterfront. However, we won't know until March if we got it or not. If we are successful with our grant application we'll be able to get four new canoes, six single kayaks, three double kayaks, paddles for each, life jackets in all sizes, and be able to replace our water trampoline and katapult.


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