Winter Weather

I grew up like so many of you coming to summer camps at Magruder and weekend church retreats throughout the year. There were changes to camp from year to year, but the grounds generally looked about the same. Having lived here year round for two years, I am continually amazed by the changes I see on a daily basis around me. Change is constant here, but often is so small that it goes unnoticed. I never thought I'd actually see this much snow at Magruder, but we did this weekend. I thought I'd take some time today to share this fleeting change with you.

Sports Court and Playground

Unipus Tree (formerly known as the Octopus Tree)


Flower box in the North Ball Field

This recent bout of icy weather brought not only snow to camp, but snow to the beach.

Cross off the South Beach Trail

Beach looking North to Twin Rocks

The snow seems to be melting quickly which I am sure is due to the hail and rain we've had in the past day.

Shorehouse parking lot looking towards the Dining Hall

Beutler Fire Pit

Hill outside Kimberly/Edwards Logde

Even our beloved donkeys got in on the snow fun.

Donkey Totem Pole

Jenny and Caleb in the Donkey Pen


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