The Maintenance Crew is Still Hard at Work

As you know from my last posts we've had lots of rain and snow, but today we had some glimers of sunny skies. Before I dive into this weeks Camp Magruder updates, I'll show you what we woke up to this morning.

Like so many of you readers, I grew up coming to camp at Magruder. The Bunch Lodge that I remember from when I was a kid began a much needed second upgrade this week. I never would have imagined I'd see Bunch Lodge look this good.

As I mentioned, Bunch Lodge was the site of a renovation a few years ago that took out the kitchen and put in nice new bathrooms with showers. New lighting was also put in and things looked fabulous there. This time around, the maintenance crew have been working on putting in new interior stairs and landings that are structurally sound once again. They have even been topped with a nice layer of new carpet. I'm not sure that the picture does them justice, but they are a nice blue-gray color.

The upstairs bedrooms are also getting worked on. The walls have been getting a new coat of paint. There are stacks of new flooring planks and underlayment waiting to go in once the walls are done and the beds removed. Both of these will make them much cleaner and fresher for guests this year. I'm excited to see the finished product in the coming weeks and can't wait to share the improvments with people.


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