Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Family Camps

Family camps offer an opportunity to grow closer to your own family as well as the larger family of God. They provide a chance to be together in worship and play without worry about hectic activity schedules, work, cooking, or cleaning. We celebrated Memorial Day weekend at Camp Magruder with the Gresham FUMC Family Camp, Forest Grove UMC Family Camp, and our program event Memorial Day Family Camp. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and for so many youngsters be introduced to the wonders of camp.

Gresham FUMC came Friday evening and stayed through Sunday morning. They participated in archery, boating, beach walking, big swinging, campfire, tide pools, morning worship, and an egg drop.

Forest Grove UMC arrived Saturday afternoon. They had a full schedule that included activities like Bunco, family photos, boating, archery, big swing, campfire, talent show, baseball game, and movie night before their departure on Monday morning.

The Memorial Day Family Camp arrived Friday and stayed through Monday. These campers participated in worship, campfires, a talent show, tide pools, wave teasing, tie-dye, big swing, weeding and planting the garden, arts and crafts, and plenty of playing on the play structure.

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