This past week we hosted the First United Methodist Church Eugene Quilting group who in turn reached out to the Bay City United Methodist Church quilters to join them in a week of faith sharing, service, and laughter. Their mission was to make as many small quilts as possible to donate to Comforts for Children. Comforts for Children serves at-risk children up to 17 years of age in Lane County. Their focus is to comfort neglected and abused children suffering the pain of separation from familiar surroundings and belongings. Comforts for Children collects quilts and gives them to several agencies to serve their community. If you'd like more information visit www.comfortsforchildren.org.

We were certainly blessed to get to know these beautiful women who worked hard (only stopping for walks on the beach and trips to the fabric store) to complete 25 quilts and several quilt tops while they were at Camp Magruder. Their work will be on display June 8 at the FUMC Eugene during worship before being donated to children in need.

Over the weekend we held our annual On-Site Training event. Our volunteer camp leaders participated in wacky ice breakers, active communication, faith sharing, game leading, and behavior management workshops. They met as staffs to continue planning their events this summer and shared a lot of laughs a long the way. During worship on Saturday morning we were talked about God making all things new and slowing down in our lives and world to really look for God's promise. We sent people out with God sighting glasses to work in groups. One person was to close their eyes wearing the God sighting glasses and turn around 3 times. When they stopped, they opened their eyes and looked where the arrows pointed to see if they could find God. It's amazing what you can see when you really stop to look. 

If you'd like to volunteer this summer as a counselor, resource person, theologian, or in another capacity please contact Amy Wood, Program Director, at program@campmagruder.org or 503-355-2310 for more information. We'd love to have you join our team in service. 


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