Monday, May 2, 2016

Announcing Resident Counselors for Oregon-Idaho Conference Camps for Summer 2016

We are excited to finally announce the 8 counselors who will be serving three of our United Methodist Camps this summer. These 8 are part of a program Camp Latgawa, Camp Magruder, and Suttle Lake Camp are partnering to provide a paid summer position for counselors. These Resident Counselors will serve 1 week at Latgawa, 5 weeks at Magruder, and 2 weeks at Suttle Lake. All of our sites will still incorporate volunteer counselors, but we hope this core of trained, experienced counselors will offer stability and role models for our entire camping program and build up a culture of new young leaders.

Are Resident Counselors are:

-Sarah Allen
-Adam Barton
-Forrest Deters
-Emma Dewitt
-Carlee Hunt
-Dawn Hunter-Strobel
-Tanner Morton
-Rose Thomas

Look for these counselors at one of our great youth camps this summer. 

To get to know a little more about each counselor, check back on our camp blog. We post a profile of one of our staff members each week. 

Keep us all in your prayers as we prepare for our summer. We hope to see you sometime soon.

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